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Free Trevorchan Php Script

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 18, 2008 11:40 pm

There are people who love to register on every site they visit, and give people their information. But if you want to reach the maximum amount of visitors on your community, an imageboard is the way to go. Imageboards do not require registration whatsoever. If a user does not want to provide a name which they post with, they simply do not enter a name in the field when posting, and they will show up as "Anonymous". By forcing users to register to post on a community, you restrict yourself to those of the people who just want a quick question, or don't want their records kept on your server. In fact, there is an option to "force" Anonymity on a board, which will make all users appear as "Anonymous". This encourages users to collaborate with each other without a hierarchy of popularity. With forced anonymity, everyone is on the same level. If you are a small community, you should not use a traditional forum script. Forums are meant for mass users, and with only a small amount of them, the site feels like it is small, which will ward off users. An imageboard will make users feel like its a small, yet tight and close community, making them want to come back later. Try it out and see for yourself Smile

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