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Writer's Block

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 18, 2008 7:14 am

Writer's Block is a complete blogging/article publishing solution for people who write a lot. It allows full site templating with simple HTML; blogging with changeable dates; commenting with intelligent Spamguard protection; the creation of Anypages, a blank canvas for non-blog material like contact forms, scripts or multi-page articles; and flexible user-defined categories that allow you to sort blog posts and Anypages under multiple categories. Its best feature is that you can give your Anypages and categories a text URL that *means* something: why be forced to link to a hard-to-remember ID number when you can link to a memorable name? Writer's Block also comes with an automated sitemap and an RSS 2.0 feed so your readers can keep up to date in stylin' efficiency. Version 3.1 is fully bug-tested to ensure its operation

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Form more info go to : HotScript


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