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EZ_Sneezy-Cal is a free and simple online calendar writen in PHP and MySQL. This calendar has plenty of useful features, but not complicated with features you probably won't need. This calendar is great for personal use, business, organzations, schools, etc... There are 2 different modes the calendar can run in. Privacy Mode: This mode is for situations where you don't want "joe public" to view any of the events in the calendar. If "joe public" views the calendar all they can see is a login screen. You can setup many different users with different privliges, or everyone with the same privileges information. You can setup seperate categories with seperate login. Each user can only make changes to there category events but still view the other categories. You also have the option to setup SuperUsers that can make changes to all categories. Public mode If the calendar is setup for mode the events can be viewed by anyone. You can setup different categories and setup admin accounts for each category.

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