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Loudblog php script

Post by extazy on Sat Oct 18, 2008 2:43 pm

What Loudblog is:

Loudblog is a sleek and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) for publishing media content on the web. It automatically generates a skinnable website and an RSS-Feed for Podcasting. Just upload your audio/video files, add some notes and links, and you’re done!

What Loudblog is not:
Loudblog is not a fully featured weblog system like Textpattern or Movable Type, although it does offer the basic weblog functionality. Use Loudblog if you’re publishing media data on a regular base and do not need sophisticated features other systems may provide much better.

Handy features, simple usage

Loudblog makes Mediablogging and Podcasting easy. There are a variety of ways to put your media content into the system. You can upload it via your browser, use a free FTP client like filezilla or – get the files from the web! (Before you do that you have to ensure you have permission to publish them in your site!)

After that you can add lots of meta information e.g. a title, a short message, or a list of hyperlinks related to your media posting. You can even control the publishing time and put your postings into multiple categories. But you don’t have to!

Loudblog concentrates on what is really useful. With Loudblog you can use Textile or Markdown and create beautiful XHTML-code in no time at all. WYSIWYG-Editors are crap! Did you ever understand Trackback/Pingback? It’s complicated stuff and doesn’t fit into the Loudblog concept.

Pragmatism and Individualism

Are you a famous webdesigner? You’re not? No problem, simply select one of the amazing Loudblog-templates. Oh, you ARE a famous webdesigner? Cool, you can create your very own template using the XHTML-conform Loudblog-tags. Web developers can write new plugins in PHP and generate thrilling SQL-queries. Loudblog is fully customizable, so you are free to modify it as you like. Even hacks are welcome. At your own risk, of course!

Publish a real Podcasting Feed

Loudblog automatically creates a valid Podcasting-feed. Visitors can listen/watch your mediablog posts using a podcast client or ‘podcatcher’ e.g. iPodder. To do this they simply click on the ‘podcast- feed’ hyperlink and copy and paste the page url into their chosen podcatcher. The podcatcher then opens itunes, or another media player selected as the default player, and automatically plays the programme! As the ‘podcatcher’ regularly checks for new content visitors are effectively subscribed to your podcast channel! Wow …

Visitors can also use the podcast feed in an ordinary RSS-Reader minus the media content of the podcast of course.

Download LoudBlog php Script


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